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  • Supplying the Kingdom’s ever changing
    and growing market

Leaders In The Industry

Growing along as the Kingdom grows. We not only supply products, but we supply satisfaction. The core of our strength comes from the many years of experience of serving the food industry, by merging unique products with top tier solutions, we provide;

  • Imported items from across the globe
  • Operational facilities all over the Kingdom
  • Deliveries going 24/7

Our Services

With a fleet of more than 30 delivery trucks, you can be rest assured that the goods will reach your doorstep.

Leave the research on us. If something you’re looking for isn’t in our portfolio, we will find it and get it for you.

Importing the best premium gourmet products from cheeses & meats all the way to seafood and caviars.

Our Foods

Meat & Poultry
King Crab
Kristal Caviar
Organic & Healthy
Vinegar Balsamic
Organic & Healthy
Coconut Flour
Organic & Healthy
Porridge Oats

Some of Our Partners

Some of Our Clients